WP5 - Quality Assurance of New Asphalt Pavement

The first WP 5 objective was the examination of current regression model used in GPR void content calculations. Furthermore, research aimed to investigate if there is a need to define separate models to different asphalt types, and what influence environmental factors (temperature, moisture) have on those.

In regards to void content method development, a specific objective has been to investigate the possibility to abandon asphalt core samples and use an asphalt calibration plate or some NDT method (e.g. Troxler) for calibration. From the beginning of the project it was recognized that it might be impossible to abandon asphalt core samples. Therefore the possibility to increase the reliability of the void content method by developing the use of the core samples has also been an objective.

Already in previous research projects, for example Mara project (Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, 2006-2007), suggestions were made that the quality could be determined from the homogeneity of new asphalt pavement. Another aim has been to define this homogeneity and how it relates to GPR data.

WP Final report